Office Cleaning

Office cleaning includes cleaning the tops of cubicle walls, cubicle cupboard fronts, desks, chairs including backs, vents, pictures and plaques, walls, copiers and printers and other office equipment, conference tables, display cabinets. Blu Cleaning’s office cleaning includes cleaning and dusting the inside and outside of all entry glass, as well as the sills, foyer floors, reception desks, leather chairs, and reception furniture. We make sure any reading materials on tables are neat and presentable.

Manufacturing Area Cleaning

Adhancer Scrubber for office cleaningWhile cleaning a manufacturing area, Blu Cleaning typically cleans manufacturing bathrooms and break rooms as well as the manufacturing offices. We also clean industrial sinks whether stainless steel or stone. Blu Cleaning’s employees will wear safety glasses in production areas in accordance with OSHA and will not cross yellow aisle lines. We can also run our high-quality scrubbers on a regular basis through the manufacturing aisle to help you keep your plant clean. Blu Cleaning is highly experienced in clean room manufacturing, automotive related manufacturing and we have also worked with electronic manufacturers with non-static conditions.

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