Corporate Social Responsibility

Blu Cleaning Flat MopWe embrace the triple bottom line, being a profitable and socially responsible corporation with a strong commitment to the environment, our employees and our community. We have reviewed how we are environmentally responsible above. We believe our employees are our most precious asset and as such, we do everything we can to take care of them, nurture their growth, show appreciation and recognize and reward them for their efforts. Policies include better pay, benefits to the extent we can afford them, recognition in the Employee Notes for great performance & inspections and customer compliments, Certificates of Award and gift cards for outstanding quality, pay increases and promotions for continuous outstanding performance. We also have helped our employees through tough times whether helping them to get a loan or make small loans to them, pay for small medical bills, help with clothing & food needs or find other resources for them. From this we have found that our employees are very committed to us which has led to greater commitment and service to our customers and lower turnover than our competition.

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